There are enough and more customer engagement platforms that promise incredible features to enhance CX. But this tool can do a lot more than that.

Imagine your customer service agents handling multiple interaction types through a single agent desktop interface–the same interface that you use today. Or giving your agents the ability to improve first contact resolution by consulting with experts via instant messaging, all through the same agent desktop interface!

You don’t have to imagine anymore because all of that is possible with Avaya’s Aura Contact Center. Here are five reasons your customers and agents will love the tool:

Boosts First Contact Resolution

When a customer contacts a business, they want to communicate with someone who can provide them with immediate service without being transferred or told that an expert will contact them later. Many organizations are simply not equipped with agents who are experts on all business related topics and require other expertise from across their business. With a SIP-based Avaya Aura Contact Center solution, agents who require an expert to help them solve a customer inquiry can simply select an available expert from within the agent desktop interface.

These experts can be anyone across the business, including supervisors or other agents within the contact center. At a glance, the agent can view the expert’s presence status (green, red, yellow, etc.) and connect with them via chat/ instant messaging (IM). By having immediate access to experts, agents have the tools they need to quickly solve customer problems, often resulting in higher first contact resolution rates.

Avaya Aura Contact Center offers unified reporting of all channels, with over 130 standard reports and custom reporting capabilities.

Avaya Aura Contact Center can be integrated with the Avaya Presence Server or Microsoft Lync to provide the agent with their Instant Expert list or a dynamic list of experts directly within the agent desktop. These can be individual experts or groups of experts who have knowledge on a specific topic. When the agent engages the expert(s), the IM transcript is passed along to the expert.

Provides an Omni-channel Experience

Turn your voice only contact center into an omni-channel customer engagement solution that leverages CRM and historical interaction data to better serve customers. With a single agent desktop for inbound and outbound voice, web chat, SMS, IM and even social media, your agents can handle multiple interaction types without having to switch screens or logout/login to another system.

A single routing engine, the same that is used for voice interactions, will use skill-based routing (SBR) to match interactions with resources, helping ensure service levels are met. Through integration with Avaya Aura Presence Services or the Microsoft Lync application, instant messages can be intelligently routed and assigned to the best resource just like other interactions are processed. Supervisors will enjoy looking at real-time and historical performance reports that show ALL agent and interaction activity vs. pouring over multiple reports and interfaces. Customers will appreciate the service they receive through web, mobile and social channels.

Adds Remote and Home Agents Seamlessly

In today’s digital environment, people view work as an activity rather than a location.

Many contact centers offer their agents a flexible working solution which offers benefits for both the business and the agent. Remote agents provide businesses with the flexibility to staff for peak traffic hours, rather than requiring 8-hour continuous shifts. It also allows contact centers to keep their most experienced staff as these people look to work flexibly from home or relocate. In the past with a CS1000-based contact center, allowing an agent to work from home or remotely required a hardware-intensive Offsite Agent solution.

With a SIP-based Avaya Aura Contact Center solution, agents can work from home or remote locations on day one. Avaya Aura Contact Center uses Communication Manager’s Telecommuter mode to allow the agent to decide which phone to use for calls, even an old analog home phone will work. Despite working remotely, agents can be recorded and monitored as if they were physically located within the contact center.

Enhances Reporting

Due to the tight integration between Avaya Aura Contact Center SIP and Avaya Aura Experience Portal, organizations can now leverage cradle-to-grave data to produce highly customized reports. Avaya Aura Contact Center offers unified reporting of all channels, with over 130 standard reports and custom reporting capabilities. In addition, due to the open platform and rich data, the system can integrate with third-party analytics applications. Bottom line, you decide how you want the data presented. It’s as simple as that.

Takes Care of Future Capabilities

Hundreds of features have been added to Avaya Aura Contact Center over the last decade, making it one of the most advanced omni-channel solutions in the market. It is surrounded by an advanced portfolio that includes front and back office self-service, proactive engagement, and workforce optimization. In addition, it will provide a platform for future growth and allow the adoption of many of the latest capabilities from Avaya.

Moving to a modern SIP-based architecture with Avaya Aura Platform allows for easier integration meaning that some advanced capabilities can be added to the contact center:

  • Embedded softphone: With Avaya Aura Contact Center running on the Avaya Aura Platform, agents no longer need a separate phone, as the softphone is integrated into the unified Agent Desktop.
  • Save on PBX resources: Where businesses connect via SIP Trunks to the Service Provider, calls into the contact center use no resources on Communication Manager while queuing. The calls can go from a Session Border Controller (SBC), via Session Manager to Avaya Aura Contact Center and then be treated with music and announcements.
  • Avaya Breeze Snap-ins: An Avaya Aura Contact Center SIP based contact center running on the Avaya Aura Platform will be poised to enjoy current and future next generation omni-channel customer engagement Snap-ins such as Collaborative Browsing.

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