Growing at a rapid pace, Poorvika Mobiles, one of India’s leading mobile retailers, turned to customer engagement tools to enhance customer service and boost sales.

Customer engagement tools are gaining traction in Indian emerging enterprises that are growing rapidly and increasing their customer base. Like Poorvika Mobiles.

A privately-owned company, Poorvika Mobiles, is a leading multi-brand retail chain that deals in mobile phones and connections, accessories, chargers and internet data cards in India.

The company started as a single store in 2004 with just six employees. Today, it has a significant presence in South India with around 240 showrooms across 43 cities and 4,000 employees.

Poorvika Mobiles now boasts of high levels of customer satisfaction, lower operational expenses, improved productivity, and enhanced real-time collaboration, thanks to Avaya’s customer engagement solutions.

The company was growing at a rapid pace and it realized it needed to enhance customer engagement to drive up sales.

Poorvika Mobiles has three multi-channel contact centers for handling incoming product support and information inquiries from customers. These contact centers mainly serve as a helpline for customer queries on insurance, store locations as well as providing customer service and support.

To ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and business productivity, Poorvika Mobiles deployed Avaya’s customer engagement platform. The Avaya platform has user-friendly features which enable better customer engagement in multiple ways via multichannel functionality for voice, email, Web chat, SMS, and fax.

Thanks to Avaya’s customer engagement solutions, the company now boasts of high levels of customer satisfaction, reduced operational expenses, improved productivity and enhanced real-time collaboration.

Poorvika is set to capitalize on the mobile revolution sweeping the country with the Avaya solution providing the flexibility to easily scale with their changing communication needs. Poorvika is also looking at online shopping and e-commerce to drive sales and profitable growth. Aiming to reach new heights, the company is already planning to turn to Avaya and extend these solutions to the rest of its retail base to support its growing communication needs and help achieve its goals.