Rapid growth and a geographically dispersed workforce made communication tough for Attra. Until this team engagement tool came to the rescue.

Attra is a multinational IT solutions and services delivery firm with a focus on the banking, finance and payments industries. Located in Bangalore, Attra Infotech is a subsidiary of Attra headquartered in Melbourne.

As Attra grew rapidly, communication became complex and difficult to manage. The communication system installed was not able to meet the company’s requirements. Moreover, its customers are geographically spread across the world and reliable communication had become even more important for the business to succeed.

The company saw an increased need for a more modern communications platform along with enhanced flexibility to support its expanding operations. Attra began to look for a solution that would help overcome these challenges. It sought to connect its two offices in Bangalore which are housed in different buildings within the same complex.

The company evaluated leading vendors and chose Avaya. It reached out to Avaya to have a demo machine installed.

Attra deployed Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones, Avaya B179 SIP Conference Phones and IP Office Voicemail. The company initially aimed to improve call quality and had a long term goal of achieving total connectivity. The move to Avaya IP Office has given Attra a reliable and more sophisticated communications platform as well as new features that have benefitted the company.

Attra saw an increased need for a more modern communications platform along with enhanced flexibility to support its expanding operations.

Simplifying Expansion with Avaya

The company wanted seamless connectivity via intercom between its facilities. When Attra opened its office in Pune in a temporary premise, there were initial apprehensions about setting up a communication system.

However, with Avaya, setting up the communication infrastructure in its temporary office in Pune proved to be very easy, not the expensive and long drawn-out process that they feared. In addition to realizing savings on internal calls with IP telephony, the company has also recognized the possibility of simplifying expansion while adding new sites and new users.

Scalability, Reliability, Connectivity

With Avaya’s team engagement platform, Attra now has a reliable system in place, and the entire organization has been experiencing the advantages of the platform.

User friendly characteristics, call routing, call hold, caller ID, group audio conferences, voicemail and speed dial are the features that have helped in streamlining operations while allowing employees to work better and in a more organized manner.

Looking to the Future

Thanks to Avaya, Attra has a solution with the ability to grow and adapt to its business and its future needs.

“We are very happy with the new system. We will turn to Avaya when there is a requirement to connect with our overseas offices. Moreover, we have a very good relationship with Avaya; they have been a trusted partner. We are friends!” said Srini Nagasundram, Head IT and Facilities, Attra.

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