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Describe your growth in 2017.

Describe your growth in 2017? (Growth= an increase in revenue, number of offices/branches, number of products or service offerings, employee and customer satisfaction)


Good communication drives growth. How does your company collaborate?


Which ability would most improve your company’s customer experience?


What percentage of your staff are regularly on the move, are mobile?


How important is securing your company’s communications to you?


Do you believe using video conferencing to collaborate increases productivity?

YesIt Does

NoI Don’t Think So


Do you plan to open new branches/offices/facilities in the next six months?

Yes I Plan to

No I Don’t


In total, how many offices/branches/manufacturing units does your company have?


Would an in-house call centre help grow your business?

Yes It Will

No It Won’t


Would you like more control over your company’s WiFi/Internet usage? (Ex: Choose which applications get more bandwidth or have more granular security controls?)

Yes I Would Like

No I Don’t Care

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